These questions are key to a less stressful renovation

August 20, 2020

Good communication with your general contractor is key to a successful home build or renovation project. Most home construction issues ultimately stem from miscommunication or misaligned expectations. As in any relationship, it falls to both the builder and the client to play their part to foster open and collaborative conversations about the project. 

How can you avoid unpleasant surprises on your home project and build a better relationship with your general contractor? Have regular check-ins and ask these questions every time:

1. When we last spoke, you planned to work on X. How is the work progressing?

Be as specific as possible (you’ll want to take notes from every update): asking “How is the work on the bathroom going?” might get you a general answer like “Pretty good”. Asking about specifics (“Did you finish laying the tile?”) helps your builder provide a more detailed answer. Tying it back to their stated plans creates accountability and gives you a deeper understanding of whether the project is on track. Finally, it prompts your builder to bring up any issues they may have run into or changes that may require your attention.

2. Can you send me pictures/videos?

A picture is worth 1000 words and this is especially true for home projects. Seeing photos and videos helps you see the progress made and catch any issues early. Photos can showcase the work that’s not always noticeable, like electrical wiring or insulation. Moreover, having visual documentation of the work done will help with any future projects you do on your home.

3. How are we doing on budget and schedule overall? What would you suggest doing to get back on track?

Most projects will go over budget or get delayed. The key is catching the overages early so you can work together on a solution going forward. 

4. What will you be working on next?

Ask the builder to be specific (“Installing the sink in the bathroom”) and take notes so you can remember what they committed for the next check-in.

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This will take some extra effort. You’ll need to take detailed notes at every conversation so you can refer to them at the next check-in. Keep photos, videos and documents organized by project deliverable so you can easily find them in the future. 

Or, you can let Tāne do the hard work for you. Our smart communication workflows remind your contractor when it’s time for an update and guide them to provide the necessary information. We keep it all organized so you can see both the overall progress and drill into a particular part of the project, as needed.

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