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Tāne makes it easy for clients and general contractors to collaborate

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Take control of your home construction project

Homeowners & Designers
Stay in the know on your home construction project

Create a new project in minutes and invite your contractor to collaborate. Tāne will remind your builder when it's time to send you an update on the project so you never have to wonder about how things are going. All the important conversations and information about your project is in one place, well-organized and easily accessible from your phone or desktop.

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Delight your clients while saving time

Delight your clients while saving time

With Tāne's smart workflows, sending detailed and personalized updates to your clients is as simple as a few taps. Our automated reminders make keeping your client up to date one less thing for you to worry about. Best of all, Tāne builds your portfolio with every update so you can easily show off your great work to prospective clients.

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Build a digital history of the property transformation

Stay connected and build a digital history of the property transformation

Tāne’s mobile-driven workflows turn simple updates from the General Contractor into a comprehensive record of the home improvement project, complete with photos and video. Tāne keeps all the relevant discussions and files, like permits and invoices, well-organized so you don't have to search through emails and texts.

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How Tāne Works

Tāne enables regular, proactive communication on the progress of your home. Our workflows capture the details you need to stay up to date.

Tāne keeps track of all the updates, changes and decisions related to your home remodel so you don't have to hunt for information.

Access a comprehensive record of a home improvement project any time, from your phone. Manage all your projects in Tāne - setting up takes minutes.

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